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Fungus Toenails

Nail fungus occurs when fungus enters the nail through a small trauma in the nail. This means it could enter through a small cut or a break in your nail. It is commonly confused that fungus occurs if you have poor hygiene. This is not true.

A fungus of the nail can be spread from person to person and because of this it is very hard to diagnose where it came from. However, a warm, wet place (like a public pool area or locker room) is a good place for a fungus to grow.

It can be easy to spot if you have a fungus of the nail. The fungus can make the nails discolored and thick.  It is uncommon but some times you may feel pain in your toes if you have a fungus.

You are at higher risk of getting a fungal nail infection if you do any of the following:

  • Get manicures or pedicures with tools that have been used on other people
  • Have minor skin or nail injuries
  • Have deformed nails or disease of the nail
  • Have moist skin for a long time
  • Wear closed-in footwear without giving your feet a chance to dry and breathe

To prevent fungus of the toenails, you can do any of the following (These tips are very important practices for our summer Arizona weather):

  • Keep the inside of your shoes dry and change socks frequently
  • Wear proper fitting shoes. You do not want shoes that will press your toe area. A shoe with a wide toe area is best.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in public areas (such as a pool area)

If fungus already has appeared on your feet or toes, a Podiatrist can place you on a treatment plan to rid you of the fungus. This ailment is not uncommon and can be alleviated with proper Podiatrict direction and care.